Gardening Guide

Any gun safe for the garage or garden shed should be strong and durable. Thus, it should be made of materials like steel or composite. Its protection features should also include locking bolts, dead bolts, and fire resistance. To keep your gun scratch-free, the interior should either be upholstered or padded. A good gun safe should contain adjustable shelving and door storage.

Determine the size

Confirm that the size and capacity of the gun safe. Make sure that it’s big enough to hold your firearm.

Check the interior

Padded interior of a good outdoor gun safe can prevent your guns from being damaged in the case of intense movements. Also, check that the internal hinges and fire liners. They should be strong and well fitted.

Rate the locking system

The safe should be able to battle against extremely high burglary risks. It should contain strong hinges, thick walls, and a strong door.

It is better for the outdoor gun safe at a price below the $1,000 mark to have external hinges than internal hinges. If the hinges are internal, the burglar will go straight ahead for the locks and other vital parts, which is easier. Make sure that the thick doors are not drywall panels wrapped with sheet metal or big attractive locks made with thin fasteners. The locks should be fastened tightly and the hinges deeply into the door and walls.