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Maintain Your Ride on Mower throughout the Year

Keeping your lawn clean and healthy is crucial in maintaining your garden’s aesthetics. You must be able to regularly water and mow the grass. What is a better way to trim the lawn with a ride on mower?

For your ride on mower to function at its best, you must be able to keep the best condition zero turn mower, too. Here’s how you do it:

  • Before you start mowing, disconnect the battery or spark plug wires. Inspect and tighten any loose fasteners.
  • Inspect for damaged shields and deflectors. If any is worn out or damaged, replace them.
  • Remove debris especially around fuel and oil fill areas. Remember to change the oil and oil filter after several mowing sessions and end of every season.
  • Check the fuel oil and levels.
  • After completing the cleaning and inspection, you can reconnect the battery or spark plugs.
  • Check if tires are properly inflated.
  • When you finish mowing, disconnect the battery and brush off debris, engine, and deck.
  • Lubricate the mower, and inspect the air filter. If it is dirty, replace it.
  • Check the blades. If bent or broken, you should replace them.

In winter, it’s best to remember the following:

  • Drain all gasoline in the tank. Gas degrades during winter and goes stale over time. Keeping it in the mower causes corrosion and clogs engine carburetors.
  • It is good to clean debris and dirt of your engine oil for proper lubrication during or at the beginning of spring.
  • Clean off the dirt and grass on the blades. If you don’t do so, dirt will build up and ruin blade’s quality.
  • Store the mower in a cool and dry place away from the outdoors to avoid damages. Store in the garage covered with a trap.
  • Remove the battery to prevent corrosion of the terminals and battery during a resting period of winter.

The Right Smoker for Your Garden

 If you are looking for the best-sized propane smoker for your garden, you have to consider a couple of factors like its price, fuel capacity, and size.

Horizontal Smokers

Horizontal smokers are large, heavy, and stable. They are suitable for smoking large amounts of meat. You can use them if you have a big garden.

Vertical Smokers

Vertical smokers are less in size, but they have better air circulation. They allow smoke to circulate the meat. They are also easy to clean. Most electric smokers are vertical.

If you compare between a vertical and horizontal style smoker, vertical smokers are more versatile and efficient. You can pick this one if the space in your garden is limited.

Wood Smokers

Wood/charcoal smokers don’t break easily. Also, they are the least expensive among all kinds of smokers.

Gas Smokers

These are powered by propane. There’s no need to start a fire manually as you just have to light the burner to do so and to control the temperature. They are slightly more expensive than wood smokers. However, they usually don’t go above $300.00.

Wood and gas smokers are big in size, too. When you buy any of them, make sure that you have enough space in your garden.

Electric Smokers

These are easiest to use. You just have to put some wood into it, set the temperature, and wait for the meat to cook. However, critics often say that food on electric smokers lacks character, which is typical in other smokers. They are more expensive than gas and wood smokers, too. You can buy them at around $500.00.

Pellet Smokers

These resemble wood smokers but only physically. They are digitally controlled with an automatic pellet feed, igniter and circulation fan. They have computerized thermostat that can even be programmed to smoke after some time. If you have fallen trees on your compound, you get an advantage of using pellets. They, however, are most expensive. They run from $500.00 to over $1000.00.

Best Outdoor Storage Gun Safe

Any gun safe for the garage or garden shed should be strong and durable. Thus, it should be made of materials like steel or composite. Its protection features should also include locking bolts, dead bolts, and fire resistance. To keep your gun scratch-free, the interior should either be upholstered or padded. A good gun safe should contain adjustable shelving and door storage.

Determine the size

Confirm that the size and capacity of the gun safe. Make sure that it’s big enough to hold your firearm.

Check the interior

Padded interior of a good outdoor gun safe can prevent your guns from being damaged in the case of intense movements. Also, check that the internal hinges and fire liners. They should be strong and well fitted.

Rate the locking system

The safe should be able to battle against extremely high burglary risks. It should contain strong hinges, thick walls, and a strong door.

It is better for the outdoor gun safe at a price below the $1,000 mark to have external hinges than internal hinges. If the hinges are internal, the burglar will go straight ahead for the locks and other vital parts, which is easier. Make sure that the thick doors are not drywall panels wrapped with sheet metal or big attractive locks made with thin fasteners. The locks should be fastened tightly and the hinges deeply into the door and walls.


Position the outdoor gun safe in the garage or garden shed in a way that it avoids a lot of contact with other objects.


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